Recycling Sites Update

From Monday 1st June, all 16 recycling sites in Somerset will be returning to standard summer opening hours.  Opening hours information will be updated on the Somerset Waste Partnership website from Monday morning.  The odd and even number plate access system for all sites will also end on Monday.

All other site restrictions remain in place.  For full details on the restrictions, and the types of waste which will be accepted, please click here: SWP Recycling Centres 1st June

While this is a key step towards business as usual, SWP are avoiding making too many changes at once in order to maintain a manageable and safe situation for residents and staff.  There will be further phases to gradually return sites to normal operation.

Queues are to be expected due to the social distancing measures that are in place.  People are reminded to turn off their engines if waiting.  Trips should only be made if they are really necessary.