Overflowing Water Trough

The footpath from the recreation field to the hill above Ford is well used by villagers and others, and passes through a large field owned by Dee and I.

When we purchased the field I put in a water trough by the footpath to provide water to our stock but also to users of the footpath, or rather their dogs.  I have even seen dogs enjoying a swim in it.

Today I found that somehow the cover had been displaced, such that the ball valve was stuck down and the water was over flowing continuously.  With water at £2 per square metre I assessed this would have cost me about £20 per day for possibly, as we don’t currently have sheep in the field, the last 20 days.

I do not want to isolate the water trough when we take our sheep out of the field as that would mean less water for thirsty dogs.  However I would be grateful if walkers could check that the tank is not overflowing and rectify the situation, or else let me know on 841212.

Many thanks,

Chris Binnie
Brockwell Farm