A Message from Helen Wilde’s Daughter

Chris and I have recieved many phone calls, letters, cards of sympathy,
support and thoughts about Mum.  Many of these have come from Wootton
Courtenay people.  We are immensely grateful for all of these.  It really
helps to soothe us and help with the grieving process.  We knew we grew up in a special place and that Mum was so happy living there. We were also able to visit frequently and our children have also had the privilege of making that part of Somerset a familiar and loved place.

Due to Covid we had not been able to visit Mum since March, although we were
in daily phone contact.  When she became unwell Abbeyfield made it possible
for us to see her daily for the last few weeks, for which we were
unfailingly grateful, so we managed many hours of peaceful time with her,
chatting, reading, and listening to music.

Mum’s funeral, although limited to just immediate family, was a beautiful,
calm and uplifting occasion, and one which I am sure she would have approved of.
There was lovely light and a gentle breeze in the crematorium.  The music,
poems, flowers and words felt very fitting.

We are sorry those of you who would have liked to have joined us were
unable to do so.  I hope this service sheet will allow you to share some of the
occasion: Helen Rostron Wilde

With very warm wishes,

Hilary Gormley