News of the Village Book for VJ Day

Now Available at the Village Shop

Wootton Courtenay; Memories of WWII has been accepted for the Library of the Imperial War Museum.  It has also had warm praise from leading historian Lord (Peter) Hennessy, who also believes the book is a wonderful thing for the village to have done.


Approaching half the print run of 500 copies have been sold, so there is more to do (there is even some appetite for a second edition!).  VJ-Day, 15th August, is a good day to buy more copies at the Villagers’ Stores.  The book is proving very acceptable and admired as family and other presents.  One appreciative reader has donated a dozen copies for distribution – to read only – in waiting rooms, pubs and restaurants, once this can be arranged in a Covid-compliant way.

Our Air Ambulance is gratefully profiting by tranches of payments which Andy is sending when funds permit.

We are seeking to interest universities in the west of England, and will approach other military museums when they open again.  Does anyone know which school years are studying subjects such as War at Home, or the Second World War?

Bright ideas, as well as more purchases, will be warmly welcomed by Andy at the Villagers’ Stores (841582), Peter Clapham (842578) and/or Roger Carrick (841060)

Roger Carrick