‘Songs of Praise’ for These Socially Distanced Times

We are planning to hold an alternative ‘Songs of Praise’ for these socially distanced times, in All Saints’ church on August 9th.  For that to happen, we need your help.  Currently, the guidelines suggest we shouldn’t sing, so we will be using recordings of hymns but we would like people to choose their favourites.  If you have a favourite hymn that you would like to share, please let me, Amanda, know (panda.elliott@gmail.com).

All you will then need to do, on the day, is let everyone know, in a few sentences, why you have chosen that particular hymn – if you don’t want to stand up in church yourself, someone will read your explanation for you.  We will then play a recording of your chosen hymn.  The deadline for hymn choices is Wednesday, August 5th, to give us time to find a recording.  If we have too many for August, we will simply share more in September!

I look forward to hearing from everyone.