Virtual Flower Show

Tuesday 4th August

Following the decision to cancel this year’s Flower and Produce Show, we decided that it would be nice to mark the date of the Show by inviting villagers to photograph the one exhibit that they are most proud of on the day, and email it to the village website (go to ‘Contact’ on the Home page).  The photographs will be published on the website in the weeks that follow, which will be a treat for us all.  Please include your name when submitting your photo.

The Show would have been held next Tuesday, so please take your photos on Monday or Tuesday.

Any vegetable plus, if you fancy, making an amusing vegetable – to cheer us up
Any piece/dish of fruit
Any flower in your garden
Any flower arrangement
Any bakery
Any photograph
Needlework – unless you are saving your entry for next year, but anything would be fine.

Just ONE photo and not all categories as we don’t want to swamp the website, and there will be no prizes just HONOUR AND GLORY!

Good luck,

Veronica Clegg