Dalefoot Compost

We have, as a village, in recent years placed a bulk order for compost from Dalefoot on an annual basis.  The compost is peat-free, organic and Soil Association approved, based on sheep’s wool and bracken, and all who use it find it very easy to handle (please see their website for details: www.dalefootcomposts.co.uk ).

I have negotiated Trade prices for us:-

£3.84/bag for bulb compost
£3.12/bag for seed compost
£4.32/bag for all other products

These prices are inclusive of VAT but not delivery.  The delivery cost is dependent on how many of each type of compost we order, as more of the smaller bulb and seed compost can be put on a single pallet.  However, as a rough guide the total price including delivery would be :-

£4.34 for bulb compost
£3.50 for seed compost
£5.00 for all other compost

If we are able to order 6 pallets (as we did last year) then the price goes down even further, taking about 40p off the cost of each bag.  However, this does mean ordering about 400 bags!

I intend to place an order by the end of August, so please email any orders to me before then, at peter.stenner@virgin.net

There is no lower or upper limit to the number of bags you can order so please feel free, and remember that this is an ANNUAL order so make sure that you order enough to see you through the year!

With best wishes to all,

Peter Stenner