Exmoor Compost Instead of Dalefoot?


We read the notice about Dalefoot Compost, encouraging villagers to make their entire annual orders for compost – and we would like to draw your attention to our recently established Exmoor Compost venture at Holt Ball Farm, Luccombe, which is also home to the Exmoor Pony Project.

We have over 30 endangered breed Exmoor ponies here, from a number of the moorland Exmoor herds, including our own Holtball Herd 11.  We have stepped in to save quality moorbred foals, orphans and to safeguard important genetics and the herd here has some fine representatives of the breed – many who would not be here today without this project (ref Dawn Westcott’s book Wild Pony Whispering).  Our herds are able to live naturally, moving freely from pasture to barns, shelters and loafing areas and enjoying interesting migrations routes and activities.

Over the years, the manure from the ponies, combined with wood chips, has resulted in an excellent, peat free, very well-rotted down multi-purpose compost, which we are now screening, preparing, bagging and selling.  It is friable, easy to handle and doesn’t smell.

The Exmoor Pony Compost is getting a big thumbs up from gardeners and we’ve been selling bags since June – including deliveries across West Somerset, Exmoor, North Devon and the Quantocks.  Importantly, as many of our normal income streams have been obstructed by coronavirus, this compost is also a fundraiser for the Exmoor Pony Project and sales are helping to safeguard the Exmoor ponies here, and our work for the breed.

We have plenty of compost which will be available to gardeners, all year round, on an ongoing basis. It is rich, full of nutrients, friable, dark and soil-like in consistency – and plants and vegetables love it.  It is currently available at £5 a bag for around 38 litres (approx 30 Kilos).

With this in mind, we would very much like people in Wootton Courtenay to buy local and buy Exmoor Compost, rather than buying from up country.  They will not only be getting a wonderful compost, but will be supporting a local business and also helping to safeguard the Exmoor Pony Project.  We already have customers in Wootton Courtenay, and would be very happy to bring over a bag of the compost to show you.  Additionally, no one has to make an annual order with us as our compost is just down the road, available from the farm, or we can deliver reasonable amounts, as needed.

Please contact me if you are interested. My number is 01643 862466.

Nick Westcott