Website Christmas Fair Reminder

A reminder to all sellers that the annual Wootton Courtenay Christmas Fair will be held via the village website this year.  If you, or someone you know, would like to use this opportunity to advertise their wares, please get in touch.  You don’t have to live in the village to take part – this is open to any local craftsperson.  The deadline for submissions is Friday 6th November.

To take part, please send:

A PDF showing photographs and descriptions of goods, prices, and contact details so that customers can place orders.

or, if you have a website –

A brief description of the goods offered, a photograph of a typical piece of work, and a link to your website.

Once the list has been compiled, I will send out a Christmas Fair email to the village, listing each seller’s speciality and providing links to their individual PDFs/websites. Customers can then use the contact details on a seller’s PDF to place an order, or visit their website.

In addition to the village email, I will also put a clickable link to the message about the fair on the Home page of the website until December 24th.

Send your PDF to . Remember to include your name and relevant contact details. Please note that, in doing so, you consent to your details being published on the website within the Christmas Fair message.

Please contact me on the above email address if you have any questions.

Marion Jay