The Village Shop During Lockdown

As of midnight this evening (Wednesday 4th November) the country is, once again, required to enter a state of ‘lockdown’.  As a shop providing essential goods, The Village Shop will remain open as usual.

Thank you for observing the safe distancing, the one-way system and the requirement for face coverings – this has enabled us to keep shop users and helpers safe, and it will continue.

Whilst there is no requirement for anyone to ‘shield’ this time around, there may be villagers who choose this option.  In this case, please do send in orders to me at or call 841582 and delivery can be provided.

We have been promised by the Prime Minister in his press conference that this lockdown will not extend beyond the four-week period, thus ending in early December.  This being the case, I see no need to change what we are currently doing.

Be wise & therefore safe.

Many thanks,