A Moment to Remember

Sadly, we are unable to have the usual service of remembrance at All Saints’ this year due to renewed lockdown.  However, we would still like to take a moment to remember all those who gave their lives in wars and conflict.

So that those who wish to do so can watch the official service at the cenotaph on Sunday, 8th November (televised or online), the suggestion is that, on Wednesday, November 11th at 11am – the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month – residents of Wootton Courtenay prepare to stand for two minutes, either at the road side or indoors, and make a gesture of respect for the fallen with two minutes‘ silence.  The church bell will be tolled when the two minutes are up.  A wreath of poppies will be placed on the church altar and the church will be open, allowing those who wish to pray privately to do so.

Social distancing will have to be maintained in the church during private prayer and face coverings worn.

A reflection for Remembrance Day from Bishop Castle, together with the traditional words of remembrance and a prayer, will be posted via the village email shortly.

Please join us in this gesture of remembrance and respect if you would like to do so.

With thanks,

All Saints’ PCC