Christmas Cards to the Village

As it looks as though Advent will be spent under one form of coronavirus restriction or another, we thought you might like to send a Christmas card to your fellow villagers via the website.  It’s eco-friendly and Covid-free, and might be just what we need to cheer us all up.

Create a Christmas-themed image, and write your greeting (max. 40 words please).  It can be a regular Christmas greeting, a caption for your image, or a short poem, whatever you like.  Remember to include your name.  Write the greeting as an ordinary email, then attach your image – high resolution if possible – to the email and send to:   Here are some ideas for your image:

A photograph of you and/or your dog/cat/horse/stick insect in Christmas mode
A wintery photograph taken around the village or local countryside
A Christmassy picture using collage, paint, printing, knitting or felting, for example, photographed
A festive bake, photographed
A seasonal flower arrangement or wreath, photographed
A Christmas-themed 3-D piece of needlecraft, felting, or woodwork, photographed

The Christmas ‘cards’ will be allocated their own page on the website, accessible via a link provided on the Home page.

The general deadline for submissions is Saturday 12th December – after that date, we will collate and format the ‘cards’ on a webpage.  Late entries will be accepted and added on, but please try to send your Christmas card in before the 12th if possible.

Marion and Bill
Website Elves

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