DPD Fraudulent Emails

I received an email today, supposedly from DPD, saying they had a parcel to deliver to me but that the address was incomplete so could I please advise my full address by tomorrow to enable delivery.  Coincidentally I am awaiting a parcel delivery, so I contacted our local DPD depot and, as my instinct told me, found that fraudulent emails are currently being sent under the DPD logo.

Should you receive a DPD email, an easy way to ascertain if it is genuine is by the number of digits in the reference number quoted: DPD use a 14 digit parcel number reference, whereas the fraudsters quote a 15 digit reference.

I have reported this scam via the Action Fraud website but thought it worth a note to fellow villagers, seeing as we are all likely to be using the internet for deliveries more in today’s Covid environment.

Maggie Harris