Tier 4 and the Village Shop

Dear Villagers,

You will no doubt by now be aware that, along with most of the country, our area moved into the highest alert of Tier 4 as of midnight last night. This is potentially a worse situation than we experienced in March/April of this year. The virus is not playing by the rules we had anticipated and the record number of positive cases, hospital admissions and sadly, deaths, in England yesterday were as high as they were at what we thought was the height of the pandemic. I therefore echo the words of the Prime Minister (although hopefully in a less confusing and bumbling manner) that, succinctly, Tier 4 means STAY AT HOME. We are permitted out for essential shopping.

The shop will remain open as usual. However, if you feel that you would rather remain at home for the time being we will be reinstating the delivery service that ran so well in the early part of 2020. In the shop, I will also endeavour to source other food items that I would not ordinarily stock (vegetables, potatoes, salads, etc) so that the need to visit outlying areas is limited. If this is an option you would like to choose please email me on andy@gilesy.com. Telephone only if you do not have computer access (in which case I guess you wouldn’t be reading this ;-)) on 841582. Let me know your thoughts, and please do request any items that you would like me to stock.

We are in unusual times and please rest assured that it really is no problem to organise deliveries if you feel it helps. We are all here to ensure one another remains as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Best wishes,

Andy Giles