Well Done Dunkery Players!

A big thank you to the Dunkery Players, led by Mary Noble, who put on such great performances for Friday evening’s Zoom presentation, Talking Players.  It was just what we all needed to brighten things up during these weeks of lockdown.  Thank you also to Bill for organising the technical side of things.

Andy Giles emailed:  Dear fellow Thespians, Saturday is a busy day in the shop, when I see a high proportion of the village, and I thought you would appreciate the feedback from ‘the street’, so to speak:

After pleading to be handcuffed to Venetia, Mike Maskall almost danced around the shop exclaiming what a wonderful village we live in and how marvellous last night was.  As only Mike can, he captured the feeling of the village in his effervescent praise for everyone involved.  I had other comments, ranging from Oscar nomination to brilliant, fab, professional and wonderful.  High praise for all from absolutely everyone.

I had one customer on Friday morning who was so excited to tell me that she was going out in the evening.  It took me a while to realise what she meant!  Dinner was ready, wine chilled and she tuned in to zoom!  If ever the village needed a tonic, you all provided it last night. There was that real post-performance buzz around the village this morning; a boost to everyone.

Special thanks to Mary for making us do it.  Who would have ever imagined twelve months ago that we would be performing from our living rooms across the internet!  And huge thanks to Bill for facilitating; it was a slick performance.  See you all next time.

PS: handcuffs to be auctioned off to highest bidder..!

Brian O’Hara said:  Margaret and I thoroughly enjoyed Friday night.  It made such a nice change from watching television or playing Scrabble!  Thanks to everyone involved for all the hard work.  Love from us both.

And from Peter and Valerie Clapham:  Thank you, Dunkery Players, for a very enjoyable evening.  All six performances were well written, superbly acted and worked very well on Zoom.  We linked the show to our TV so that we could really enjoy the acting on a large screen.  The good quality of the technology enhanced the performances.  The Dunkery Players brightened a wet January evening with their panache, humour and highly professional skills.  Better than many evenings of professional TV!  Looking forward to more!

Marjorie Giles emailed:  Thanks, Bill, and to the team of performers last night.  Good fun.  Enjoyed it.

Brian Castle wrote: Thanks so much for your hard work and skill in enabling last night’s performance to run so smoothly.  I know that we are more accustomed to Zoom now (who had heard of it before lockdown number 1?) but it still needs considerable skill and confidence to run an operation like last night.

And finally from Nicky Parnell: Thank you, Bill, for a fab night last night, which went seamlessly thanks to your expertise.  Great turnout!

Marion Jay