Fly Tipping

About three weeks ago, I reported to the Council a large amount of builders’ rubbish which had been dumped in the hedge near the junction of Brockwell Lane and Huntscott Lane, opposite the hotel. The recent hedge cutting had made it more visible.

The Council’s response was impressive and they cleared the rubbish within a week of my report. Sadly, I noticed yesterday that more rubbish has recently been dumped in the same spot and I will make another report.

It looks as if this rubbish has been dumped from the Huntscott Lane side of the hedge. I assume these fly tippers dump their rubbish at night, but please keep an eye open for any vehicles parked about ten yards from the junction.

It is very easy to report fly tipping. Search for ‘fly tipping Taunton’ and you will be linked to the relevant page on the Somerset West and Taunton website. Even a technically challenged person like me was able to use the interactive map to pinpoint the location of the rubbish!

Mike O’Keefe