Calling All Artists!

Porlock Visitor Centre is organising a Porlock Vale Art trail on Saturday 26th June 2021. If you are creative, and would like to display your art/ sculptures/pottery/jewellery/photography at your premises or house, please contact me to add your details to the Art Trail which we are putting together. A map will be printed and provided … Continue reading Calling All Artists!

Space Couple April Fool

We've always known that Marion and Bill are superstars. Villagers unite! Let's have a quick whip round and buy them 20 million Galaxy bars. They really took us to the moon! Terry and Marian Matthews Thank you Terry and Marian - I think quite a few people were taken in, if only momentarily! Marion and … Continue reading Space Couple April Fool

Covid Roadmap Chart

Hello all, I found the government roadmap hard to follow (or remember) so I made this chart to make it easier. You can see the milestones and the changes that occur each week as we move towards June. At the bottom of the chart is a an example vaccination timeline. The term CI means Confidence … Continue reading Covid Roadmap Chart