At Skye’s This Weekend…

Firstly, thank you to all who have supported the re-opening of Skye’s bar on Friday and Saturday evenings, especially those who braved the torrential rain on Saturday! Thank you, too, to the wonderful waiters & waitresses, even Vera resplendent in frock & boots – if you see her (or is it him?) around the village the official advice remains: do not approach, do not engage in conversation, just run away – very, very fast!

The Covid rules have changed and we are permitted to socialise indoors. Bojo’s new rules suggest that the outdoor rules now apply inside, so you may now go out to go in or even go out to sit out…or in! Hmmm! Let me simplify:

Groups of six or two households may be together inside;
Each individual over 16 years of age must sign in on entry;
Face coverings must be worn when not seated;
Ordering drinks should be via waiter/waitress who will bring these to your table.

The group size can be up to thirty but the same rules apply.

This ‘relaxation’ has risk. My preference is to continue as we presently have, that is with everyone outside. It is more sociable, scenic and safer. So unless it is raining or cold, please may I request that the outdoors is fully utilised.

We will now extend the hours on both FRIDAY & SATURDAY evenings, 5pm – 9pm.

See you there!