Laptop For Sale – with risks

Pictured below is a laptop which is available to someone who wants to give it a new home. The risk involved is that the screen has become unreliable – it works most of the time, but can suddenly display scrambled interference patterns like a TV not tuned in. This could be related to the connector between the display and the rest of the computer but it isn’t clear. Sometimes a good jiggle will sort it out.

The previous owners live in Lower Town and asked me to wipe the machine, and can give background information on the computer if needed.

The unit is a Lenovo Ideapad 305, I don’t have the specifics of the memory or hard drive size as it has been wiped clean and when started up wants to begin a fresh installation of Windows 10.

On the left it has holes for 2 USBs, Ethernet (networking), VGA for attachment to an external screen (which might be a way to avoid the problem of the LCD panel being wonky), and what I think is an HDMI socket. On the right it has a headphone hole, a USB hole and a DVD / CD player drawer.

If you would like to adopt this Dairy Milk coloured unit, reply to this email or send a message via the village website contact form. I/we haven’t considered a price given the in-built wonky screen but some amount of money as a reasonable offer would be accepted and passed on to the original owners.