Wootton Courtenay Centenary Evenings

We are really looking forward to welcoming ticket holders to the village hall on Thursday and Friday. Expect a happy and enjoyable evening with three illustrated and well researched forays into the history of our village, from Alfred the Great to the post war social and economic changes enveloping us today. What was village life like in 1920? Why is the sale of the Wootton Courtenay Estate so important? Find out answers to these questions, and more. The evening will end with a fun mock auction presided over by our well-dressed flying auctioneer, the inestimable Eddie Bishop. Skye’s bar will provide liquid refreshment throughout the evening.


The latest figures from Somerset show a rapid growth of Covid19 cases in our area. Although the numbers are small, the week on week growth rate is high. The figures indicate 20 cases in Dunster and 19 in Minehead. Each person coming must consider the risks to themselves personally and the organisers will understand if some villagers decide not to come.

What we are doing

· As you will already know, we are holding TWO evenings so that we can keep group sizes smaller. Please keep to these dates unless you have made special arrangements with me.

Tickets 1 – 50 Thursday evening

Tickets 51 – 100 Friday evening

If you are on a waiting list, please come on Friday evening.

· Chairs will be spaced in pairs and singles as widely as possible.

· To provide ventilation, all windows and doors will be open, although some of the blackout blinds will be pulled to provide the correct environment for the projector. The hall extractors will operate on silent mode.

· If required, there will be 2 intervals in which we can provide additional ventilation.

· All hall toilets will be open.

· Hand sanitiser is available in the entrance hall.

What you can do

· Only come if you are double jabbed, show no signs of Covid19 and have not been knowingly in contact with the disease.

· Please wear a mask when entering, leaving and moving around the hall.

· Use hand sanitiser when entering the hall.

· Remember to social distance when appropriate.

Peter Clapham