Bus Consultation

Somerset County Council are doing a bus consultation, to find out what people would like from our bus services. At present we do not have any bus service in the village.

The National Bus Strategy offers an opportunity to improve Somerset’s bus service, both its network and its infrastructure, thereby making buses a more attractive alternative to going by car. Somerset CC currently has the fourth lowest levels of bus usage per head of population, and therefore ought to be identified as a priority for investment through the National Bus Strategy. An enhanced bus partnership is how the Government’s climate emergency and levelling-up agendas can deliver major benefits in Somerset.

Somerset County Council is the Local Transport Authority in Somerset but feeds into the South West Transport Board and Western Gateway Transport Board for regional co ordination. Somerset County Council has agreed to be carbon neutral by 2030. Achieving modal shift from cars to public transport is essential if carbon reduction targets are to be met.

The aim is to implement a culture change, getting people out of cars and instead making journeys via public transport and active travel.

I am therefore asking people of this area to contact me with their views and ideas so that I can respond to SCC on behalf of Wootton Courtenay Parish.

Roz Griffin
Clerk – Wootton Courtenay Parish Council
Tel: 01643 841245