Childrens Cinema

I believe that in the village and surrounding area there are people well below retirement age who might like to see a film at the hall. If you are a child, or an adult with children, or responsible for children, anywhere in or around Wootton I’d like to hear from you.

  • What film(s) would you like to see? The catalogue of films we can license for the hall is on FilmBank – use the search box or categories to find suitable titles
  • How many children would you bring along?
  • What ages would they be?
  • What day or time would work best for you?

We would like to reduce the regular ticket price to make this affordable for a whole family, once we know the demand (if any) for screenings we can figure out a way to cover the license cost.

Just reply to this email (or use the Contact form on the website) and let me know – with your input and support this can easily happen. Below are a random selection of younger persons films – many more are available.

The regular film season will resume soon once I make an effort to book dates. At the moment the titles I will bring to the screen include:

Best wishes, Bill Hodgson