Repair Café Coming Soon

A Repair Café is a workshop run by volunteers with the intention of helping others to repair domestic items. People bring along a broken item, tap into volunteer expertise to fix it, receive help to fix it themselves or at least some advice about what the best course of action might be. A cuppa and snacks are made available for customers and volunteers. The ultimate aim is to repair, reuse, or recycle and as a result prevent items ending up in landfill when the owner does not know how to fix them.

The Porlock Vale Coastal Community Team (PVCCT) intends setting up a Repair Café. Porlock Vale covers Porlock, Wootton Courtenay, Allerford, Selworthy and Minehead Without and Luccombe.

Pre-lockdown we had a great response when we posted this information, and 12 volunteers responded, offering a wide range of skills. We are in the process of contacting these volunteers to check that they are still available. In addition, we are aware that we have welcomed many new neighbours to our communities in recent months and we’d love to hear from any who would be keen to be involved in this project by volunteering some time, knowledge and expertise to this monthly repair café or help out with refreshments. You may have a hobby, skill or expertise in the areas listed below or be able to offer other repair skills, in which case we’d also love to hear from you.
The intention would be to repair a wide range of items such as:
Household items
Mechanical items

If this venture is right up your street and you’d like to be a volunteer or ask a few questions, we’d be
pleased to hear from you at Volunteers please include the following details:

Your name
Contact details
Practical skills you could offer
Days of the week you’re available

For further information on repair cafes, check out

Ruth Walker, on behalf of Porlock Vale Coastal Communities Team (PVCCT)