Wanted: Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Organiser

It is now nearly 30 years since I took on the job of RBL Poppy Appeal Organiser for Wootton Courtenay Parish. I have decided that, as early next year I will be entering my 90th year, this is an appropriate time to retire as ‘Poppy Appeal Organiser’ for the parish.

Over this period the Appeal has had enormous support from House-to-House Collectors and financially from so many village residents, and I would like to record my enormous gratitude for all the work done by Collectors and for the way in which residents of the village have responded so enormously generously.

May I ask if there is anyone who would be prepared to take on the position of Poppy Appeal Organiser. The new PAO will be free to organise the collections in whichever way they choose. My method has been to split the village up into about nine areas and recruit a Collector for each area. Each visited all the households in their area in the fortnight before Remembrance Sunday, offering poppies for them to wear and asking for a donation to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Recently, RBL Headquarters have decided to discontinue the Branch classification of ‘Sub-Branch’, which was our village’s classification for a number of years and which enabled us to parade our Branch Standard and to hold a special service in our Village Church on Remembrance Sunday. As we will no longer be able to parade the Branch Standard on Remembrance Sunday, any new PAO will not need to help with the with the details of the Remembrance Sunday parade and church service.

If you would be interested in taking on the Poppy Appeal Organiser role, please contact me:
Tel. 01643 841022 or email psholtod@yahoo.co.uk

Philip Douglas