The Perfect Christmas Gift

The best present for the right grandchild, relative or friend is still available in the Villagers’ Stores, at £5, all for the village charity, our local Air Ambulance:

Wootton Courtenay: Memories of WWII is written by villagers, and is a series of vibrant accounts of wartime life as the older members of the village and/or their relatives or close friends lived, worked or fought their ways through the Second World War. A must for recently joined villagers, and a fine present for others, the accounts are mostly illustrated, and amount to a unique and important historical record, and a compelling series of stories.

The book has been accepted by the Imperial War Museum, has been commended by universities and professional historians, but is primarily a good read about life both on the home front in the West Country and beyond, and on the front lines.

Roger Carrick