Abbreviated Village Name

It has recently become clear that some villagers disapprove of the fairly frequent abbreviation of Wootton Courtenay to ‘WC’. On a swift and limited straw poll, objections seem to centre more on a sense of the village risking gentle ridicule, rather than on prudery to do with water closets. Another thought is that WC is fine if combined with other initials, e.g. as an abbreviation for Wootton Courtenay Village Hall Committee, or Gardening Club – WCVHC; WCGC.

Possible alternative abbreviations for Wootton Courtenay include (villagers will think of more):

  • W’n C’y (correct orthographically, but needs up to a dozen or so strokes on many a mobile phone)
  • Wn Cy (less correct but easier to type)
  • WnCy (looks like something from a digital password)
  • W Cy (odd?)
  • Wn C (odder?)
  • Insist on no abbreviation: Wootton Courtenay (19 strokes?)
  • Wootton C (compromise?)
  • Take no action at all (each to his or her own choice)

Views may be held in the Parish Council; in the Parish Church Council; among Village Elders; the Young; the Villagers’ Stores; Skye’s Bar (were it not temporarily closed); along the Eastern Corniche; on the Recreation Ground, around the village and its hinterland.

A village pedant has agreed to receive and collate any views, and to report results: please send votes or opinions to

Roger Carrick