Village Hall 20th Anniversary

Just a little note of congratulations to the Village Hall, which celebrates its 20th Anniversary of the official opening on 9th March 2002. The Hall was opened by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, explorer extraordinaire, who lives just over the brow of Dunkery (for those who didn’t know), and who was very much in the public eye 20 years ago.

A very big pat on the back, and thank you to all those many, many people who have contributed to the upkeep of the Hall over the years – too many to mention, but you know who you are! The Hall really is in such very good condition for all its 20 years of constant use, and a testament to those who worked hard to plan, fund and fulfil our needs all those years ago.

For those who were not in the village when the Hall was built, let me reassure you that it is very different to the old Village Hall that had served the village for 70 years previously. I have very defined memories of rehearsing for plays while huddled around a Calor gas room heater, in coat, gloves, scarf and woolly hat, unable to make a cup of tea as the water had to be turned off to prevent freezing up overnight.

Paddy Parnell
Stag Cottage