Share Your Memories for the Jubilee

Do you have memories of the Queen you’d like to share? Whether it’s watching the Coronation on a neighbour’s black and white TV; the memory of a street party for another jubilee celebration; the village party in 2012, or simply when the Queen came to your place of work – whatever your memory, please share it as part of a small display in All Saints’ Church, to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee. Photos are great but a few paragraphs, telling others your story, are equally welcome.

Please, either let me have your memory in writing via email ( by Monday, May 30th, or bring your written piece or photos along to the church that same day. I’ll be setting up in the afternoon of May 30th.

Whatever your happy memory of the Queen, why not share it with others in Wootton Courtenay?

Many thanks.

Amanda Elliott