Village Shop Controversy

I cannot quite believe that we are looking at the closure of the Wootton Courtenay shop after all these years, due to some people who clearly have no interest in the village at all and whose motive in ruining a key part of village life is a clearly very important to them, for whatever reason. The shop is owned by the villagers and run for the villagers. It is not owned by some committee who apparently have an agenda of their own.

I would like to propose a village meeting where this committee come and explain:

1) How and why they are on the brink of ruining something that is a very important part of Wootton Courtenay
2) Their plans for the shop
3) Why they have not consulted the shop owners, i.e. the shareholders, at any point

Then take each and every question from the floor.

Rosie Pocock (Protheroe)