Jubilee Races

The races were a great success at the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, so we have decided to repeat them, even though we are all ten years older!

It would be helpful if people signed up beforehand if they would like to enter particular races. We can then work out if we need to organise heats, etc. Sheets will be available on the day, but in the meantime I have left them with Andy in the village shop. If there are races that you know you would like to enter, could you please put your name down for them. The races are:

Sack Race: ladies, men, under 14s
Egg and Spoon Race: ladies, men, under 14s, over 80s
Three legged race: adults, under 14s
Obstacle race: ladies, men, under 14s
Sprint: ladies, men, under 14s
Potato Race: ladies, men, under 14s
Blind duck race: in pairs, adults, under 14s

Can I also ask for any big/old clothes that we can have/borrow for the obstacle race. We are looking for hats, gloves, scarves, aprons, shirts, cardigans or pullovers, and skirts. You will be able to claim them back afterwards but please don’t give us anything that you treasure! Andy has agreed to collect them at the shop, or you can leave them with me at Stable Cottage.

Thank you in anticipation of your support,

Mary Noble