Villagers’ Stores Meeting in the Hall

Following on from previous email posts, there will be a meeting in the Village Hall on Thursday 9th June at 7.30pm to talk about the current issues surrounding the Villagers’ Stores. The shop’s Directors have endorsed this proposal, and have asked me to act as a neutral chairman. The meeting will be open to all, as there are many residents of the village who have a keen interest in the shop – and who are regular users of it – but who are not actually shareholders.

One of the Directors will present the Company’s analysis of the position, and Andy Giles will do the same from his standpoint. Thereafter I would expect to take questions and points of view from the floor. Any proposals or conclusions could not be binding, but would be passed on to the shop’s Directors and shareholders for action as appropriate.

I hope that this meeting may enable the village to go forward in a spirit of optimism and enthusiasm for the future.

Patrick Hoyte