‘Fallen Angels’ with Take 3 Girls

Last chance to book for Fallen Angels, presented by the brilliant Take 3 Girls at Croydon Hall near Rodhuish. When Julia and Jane are in a ‘heart to heart’ mood, struggling with ‘rank boredom’, the absence of their ‘exceedingly nice husbands’ away playing golf, might be the most opportune – or perhaps dangerous – moment for a visit from a French, very charming, ex-lover. Love, marriage, sex and lies…but the truth always comes out!

A pre-performance dinner is offered in the performance space and tables are arranged for cafe-style theatre. Whether you are dining as well, or coming for the performance only, booking is essential.

Last year we encouraged our audience to come dressed in their finest 20s/30s garb. It’s not a requirement, but if you like dressing up this is the most fantastic opportunity.