Here is the article which will or has been printed in the Free Press showing the amazing achievements reached by those who exhibited. The committee was also very grateful for the enthusiastic attendance and the support and help of all those who worked so hard to make it such a success.  Veronica Clegg, Chairman & Secretary.


Although there was some drizzle in the morning, the afternoon was fine and a very good crowd of people came to our annual Flower & Produce Show.  This year the prizes were presented by Mr David Lowman, who had revived the Show with Mike Lipscombe in 2002 after a lapse of over 40 years.  After the Lipscombes left the area, David carried on by himself until 2011.  It then lapsed for a year before being revived again by Major GeneraL Richard Barron and Mrs Veronica Clegg.  Since then it has gone on from strength to strength and this year was no exception.  Despite the near drought conditions we have had, the Show benches were groaning with vegetables, flowers, cookery and handicrafts, it was a very pleasing sight and we were complimented by our able and very thorough judges.  David Lowman also commented on the high standard as he ably handed out the prizes.

It was obvious that it had been a splendid year for French beans, runner beans, courgettes, tomatoes and cucumbers but not so good for cabbage and lettuce as the latter tend to rush to seed in the heat.  The flower section was good too with some very eye catching arrangements and there were lots of delicious entries for the Cookery section including our popular class for ‘men only’ cakes, the winner of which (Rob Reed) was presented with a apron with the slogan, ‘Man Cake Champion’, I think we will have even more entries in this class for next year!  The photography section had a great display entitled, ‘Wootton Courtenay at work and play’ the judges were very hard put to decide who should be the winners.  A late entry, which could not be judged, by Andy Giles, was included in the running for the people’s choice and won with a splendid photograph of the interior of our Village Shop.  We were a bit disappointed that we had no junior entries, especially as we had opened it to visiting children to the Village, next year we hope grandparents will be on the look out to enter their grandchildren to fill a jam jar with flowers.

We are very fortunate to have a very able and hardworking committee as well as many helpers on the day, without whom the show would not run so smoothly, many thanks to all of them.  We had a wonderful selection of cakes and Joan Marriot’s delicious fairy light scones for the teas and a very good team of helpers in the kitchen who were Joan Marriott, Linda Stenner, Trish Matthews, Joanne Grimshaw and Lucy McQuillan.

Another successful auction of produce ably conducted by Eddy Bishop ended a very happy and well attended day.


Cup Winners in photograph, Top row from left to right: V Clegg, R Reed, L Stenner,            J Marriott, P Hoyte; Front row, L Roake, C Dyer, R Griffin.


  • The Jack Reed Cup, most points in Vegetable classes, R Reed;
  • The Kemp Cup, most points for fruit and cut flowers, R Reed;
  • Ann Eggar Cup, most points in flower arranging, J Marriott;
  • Wootton Courtenay Women’s Institute Cup, most points in cookery & preserves, Carol Dyer;
  • Wootton Courtenay Gardening Cup, most points in vegetables, fruit and cut flowers, R Reed;
  • Exmoor Classics Cup, most points in the onion classes, P Stenner;
  • Kenneth Hawksford Cup, best exhibit in rose classes, L Roake;
  • MacEwen Cup, most points in sweet pea classes, V Clegg;
  • Villagers’ Stores Cup, best individual entry in vegetable classes, V Clegg;
  • Clegg Cup, best individual flower arrangement, R Griffin;
  • Wootton Courtenay Festival Cup,  best individual exhibit in cookery and preserves, L Stenner;
  • Wootton Courtenay Handicraft Cup, best photograph, P Hoyte;
  • Wootton Courtenay Garden Club Annual Special Award, most points in Show, R Reed;
  • Banksian Medal, RHS Award for most points in Horticultural Classes, Needlecraft, best piece of work, R Griffin.
  • Banksian Medal, The Royal Horticulture Society’s Award for most points in Horticultural Classes, P Stenner. This can only be won by the same person every third year.

Results of the individual classes, (results in 1st, 2nd & 3rd order).

Section A, Vegetables.

  • Potatoes white, R Reed, I Stephens, D Dyer;
  • Potatoes coloured, R Reed, M Reed,
  • Carrots, R Wilmoth, R Reed, J Roake;
  • Onions, seed, P Stenner, I Stephens, B Powell;
  • Onions setts, P Stenner, R Reed;
  • Onions salad, R Reed, P Stenner;
  • Shallots, R Reed, P Stenner, D Dyer;
  • Peas, R Reed;
  • Beans runner, R Griffin, R Reed, I Stephens; H.C. D Dyer;
  • Beans French, V Clegg, I Stephens, R Wilmoth;
  • Beans broad, N Manning, R Reed;
  • Lettuce, R Reed;
  • Radish, R Reed;
  • Tomatoes, V Clegg, D Dyer, R Reed;
  • Cabbage, R Reed;
  • Beetroot, D Dyer, V Clegg, D Rusher;
  • Cucumber, R Reed, R Griffin, J Roake;
  • Courgettes, R Griffin, V Clegg, R Reed;
  • Longest Runner bean, D Dyer, V Clegg, R Reed;
  • Heaviest onion, I Stephens, P Stenner, V Clegg;
  • Vase Herbs,  I Stephens, B Auty, T Andrews;
  • Most amusing Veg, R Reed, J Bradley , P Stenner;
  • Ugliest veg. J Webber, R Reed, P Stenner.

Section B Fruit. 

  • Soft fruit, R Reed, J Marriott, M Reed;
  • Dish other fruit, M Reed, L Roake, R Reed.

Section C Cut flowers. 

  • Dahlias, S Jones, J Marriott, R Reed;
  • Specimen Rose, L Roake, S Marriott, M Izaby-White;
  • Rose H.T. R Reed;
  • Sweet peas 3,  V Clegg, N Humphries, D Rusher;
  • Sweet peas 12, V. Clegg, R Griffin, L Stenner;
  • Pinks, D Lowman, M Izaby-White;
  • Hydrangeas.  B Auty, S Jones, A Crowhurst;
  • Gladioli, R Reed, J Marriott;
  • Herbaceous perennials, J Marriott, B Auty, R Reed;
  • Best flower on day, N Humphries, L Roake, L Stenner.

Section D Flower Arranging. 

  • Wine glass, S Jones, J Marriott, P Leach, H.C. R Griffin;
  • Egg cup flowers, R Griffin, P Leach;
  • Arrangement for home, J Bradley, J Marriott, R Griffin H.C. P Leach;
  • Table Flowers, A Manning, L Roake, P Leach + R Griffin;
  • Most scented flower, A Manning, S Jones, M Izaby- White;

Section E Cookery & Preserves. 

  • Fruit cake, L Stenner, H Smith, R Hoyte,
  • Chocolate Cake, L Stenner, C Dyer,
  • Victoria Sponge, C Dyer, L Stenner, A Govier;
  • Lemon Drizzle cake, M Smith, R Hoyte, M Izaby- white;
  • Shortbread, V Clegg, H Smith, M Isaby-white;
  • Meringues, A Govier;
  • Cheese scones, L Roake, C Dyer, M Izaby-white;
  • Pershore pasties, judge’s recipe, L Stenner, M Smith;
  • Quiche, R Hoyte, M Smith, M Izaby-white, H.C. L Melton;
  • Sausage rolls, C Dyer, M Izaby- white, M Smith;
  • Bread, B Frankhanel;
  • Man Cake, R Reed, P Stenner, D Smith + T Andrews;
  • Eggs, S Jones, T Andrews;
  • Savoury Tarts, C Dyer, R Reed;
  • Marmalade, R Hoyte;
  • Fruit jelly, R Griffin, R Reed, B Auty;
  • Chutney, V Clegg, R Reed, J Barbieri;
  • Needlecraft.  R Griffin.

Section F Photography. 

  • P Hoyte, J Webber , V Clapham, H.C. B Matthews.
  • People’s Choice, A Giles.


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