Japanese Umbrella Pine Needs a Home

We have a Japanese umbrella pine (Sciadopitys verticillata) which has outgrown its pot and needs to be planted in the ground.  We don’t have the space in our garden, so we’re offering it to our fellow villagers.  It’s free of charge, and we will help all we can to transport it.

The Japanese umbrella pine is a unique conifer, a living fossil with no close relatives, and present in the fossil record for about 230 million years.  It is a beautiful, symmetrical tree, with glossy green leaves in whorls around the branches.

Our specimen has suffered, being in a pot for too long, and is pale and unhappy.  It needs to be planted, and will return to its full glory once in the soil.  We would like the pot back please.


Height of tree itself:  3m
Width:  1.20m
Pot height:  50cm

Call Marion or Bill on 841486 if you’re interested, or email a reply to this message.