Planning Surgeries at Lynton and Lynmouth

I would like to draw your attention to changes in the way that we will be providing our service from the 1st May.  As you may be aware, the Local Planning Authority have offered planning surgeries in Lynton and Porlock to provide advice for residents who live in the northern areas of Exmoor National Park.

We have been reviewing the surgeries in terms of how many, and who, visits each week.   This research has shown that in the past year, Lynton received 169 visitors to the surgery, with an average attendance to the surgeries being 3.3 people per week.  In Porlock there was a total of 141 visitors to the surgeries, averaging at 2.9 visitors a week.

Given the relatively low numbers of visitors, the decision has been taken to reduce the number of surgeries and, from the 1st May, planning surgeries will take place in Lynton on the first Wednesday of each month, and in Porlock on the third Monday of each month, with the times of the surgeries remaining unaltered.  However, I would stress that the planning officers do wish to engage with residents regarding their development proposals, and advice can be obtained from us at anytime by calling Exmoor National Park on 01398 323665, or through our website:

Many thanks,

Dean Kinsella

Head of Planning & Sustainable Development

Exmoor National Park Authority

Exmoor House, Dulverton, Somerset TA22 9HL