Annual Defibrillator Training

Monday 3rd June, 7pm

Wootton Courtenay Village Hall

Everyone is invited to the annual training session run by paramedic Anna Smith.  Anna will provide an update on using the defibrillator, and everyone will have the opportunity to practice using the training defibrillator and the mannequin.

All villagers are encouraged to attend this session.  Our defibrillator is housed at the side of the Villagers’ Stores in a heated box.  In an emergency anyone can open the box and use the defibrillator, as well as the medical kit that is stored in the locker below the defibrillator.

Even if you have not had any training, the defibrillator will talk you through the actions you need to take.  However, it would be so much better to attend the training session and learn exactly what is needed in an emergency.  So please come to the training session in the village hall on MONDAY 3RD JUNE at 7pm – it could save a life!

Any queries, please contact Hilary on 841146.