Route 60+: A Talk for Older Drivers

Somerset County Council Road Safety team run a presentation for older drivers, called Route 60+.  The talk aims to help keep older drivers driving on the road safely for longer.   The Road Safety Team are very aware that when a person living in a remote area has to stop driving, it presents a difficult lifestyle change.  The talk covers strategies to help continue driving and also offers (for a fee) a driving assessment with a driving instructor.

The Route 60+ talk is delivered free of charge to the community; all that’s needed is a venue. Everyone who attends the talk will receive a copy of the Highway Code and other literature to assist them.

If the team were to hold an event in your parish it would last approximately two hours; they also try to bring along police and fire service representatives for home safety advice, as well as health professionals and other agencies who can offer advice for older people.

Ros Griffin would be happy to organise this talk for the people of the parish if there is some interest in attending.  Please email Ros on if you would be interested in finding out more.