Solar Panel Scam Alert

If you own solar panels, please be wary.  At least one person in the village has been contacted this week by an individual claiming to be from a company called ‘NCS’, who requested an appointment at short notice for ‘one of their engineers’ to inspect the householder’s solar panel array.  Since they had received no prior notice, nor even heard of NCS, the solar panel owner contacted their FIT provider (in this case, NPower) for more details.

NPower confirmed that NCS are a legitimate affiliated company, and they provided contact details for NCS.  A phone call to the genuine NCS soon confirmed that they had no knowledge of the individuals operating in Wootton Courtenay, or of any solar panel inspection in this area.

So if you are contacted by anyone wanting to inspect your solar panels, please check with your FIT provider that the call is genuine.

Alan Rowe