A Cold Remembrance Day Service

We are particularly sorry that, for last Sunday’s Remembrance Day service, the Church was arctic. The heating had been switched to come on, as usual, 5 hours before the service started and set to run until it ended.  Also, the boiler had been serviced during the week previously.

As soon as Mike Smith and I reached the Church, about an hour before the service start time, we switched the boiler control to ‘full on’, but regrettably this did not result in any warmth getting through to the Church. The boiler engineers have been called in and, so far, have not been able to identify what in the system has failed.   We hope they will be able to do so and carry out the required corrections before next Sunday, but it may not be such a quick solution.

We would ask that anyone who is planning to attend next Sunday’s Service to look out for news here.   We may have to move to the Village Hall, or even cancel next Sunday’s Service.

Philip Douglas
Wootton Courtenay Parochial Church Council.