Advance Notice of Running Event in 2020

A running event is planned for May next year, and part of the proposed route heads down to Wootton Courtenay from Dunkery Beacon (all on public footpaths).  The course is a very long distance route and there will only be the odd runner or two over many hours – no great swarms – but in order to help people find their way we were hoping to put some red and white marking tape at key points along the route.

The event is scheduled for the weekend of Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th May 2020.  We would ensure that all tape would be gone by the end of Monday 18th May.

We have been in touch with Paul Camp, the lead ranger from The National Trust, Holnicote, and he said he was happy for the event to go ahead as long as all marking tape is cleared soon after the event and we make the relevant parish councils/landowners etc. aware it will be happening.  The impact will be very minimal as there are not many  runners, but we wanted to give everyone plenty of notice in advance.

Dave and Natanya
Albion Running