Happy Christmas from the Website Elves

The two busy elves at Wootton Website and Email Headquarters wish everyone in the village a Happy Christmas!

Website Review 2019

The website has been busy this year.  Here is a summary of 2019:

Page views per month going back to March 2018

The number of hits on the website seems to have levelled off.  The flower show photos sparked a big peak in August, and in November Don’t Get Your Vicars in a Twist (or DGYVIAT as the players say) drew a number of hits.

Where did people visit from?

By far the most visitors live in the UK, but we must keep in mind the 8 fans of Wootton Courtenay who hail from Uganda.

What did they look at?

The most popular pages are shown above.  The most popular news item was the mysterious discovery near the Church at the beginning of April. Click here to read more if you missed it.

How do people find the website?

The majority of visitors find the website using search engines such as Google.  We also get good traffic from Facebook and Twitter where our news items are also published.  The Guardian published a story on historic monuments, which mentioned Dunkery Beacon and linked to our website.