Land Rover Defender for Parts

Land Rover Defender Hi-Cap (1984)

I’ve finally concluded that my Land Rover Defender pick-up is an unmitigated money pit and beyond my level of enthusiasm.

  • Engine (from a LandRover Discovery, unknown mileage) doesn’t fit properly and doesn’t work (possible crack in block or maybe just cylinder 1, or something else!).
  • Chassis (very welded) is only going to rust through more and is close to needing replacing.  It probably isn’t structurally safe to drive.
  • Bodywork so badly dented that doors don’t fit (and need replacing).
  • Bulkhead rusted through in several places and needs replacing (probably not safe)
  • Electrics have the wrong loom for either the engine or the original vehicle and don’t work properly.
  • There are multiple other problems of varying seriousness, not least the diff, which I won’t list, the above being enough of a clue as to condition!
  • Vehicle doesn’t run (or start) and is SORN so can’t be used on the road.

I was therefore just going to scrap it.

However, if anyone is feeling enthusiastic, I’d be ok with selling it for £1 (one pound) for ‘spares and repairs’ (since it seems to be illegal to sell a vehicle for actual use that doesn’t work).  The collector would need to tow it away.

If you’d be interested in buying it for spares/repairs then please let me know at