Film Club: Will You Be Coming? Feedback Needed ASAP

Hello all, Given the move towards not holding public events, Allerford Cinema have cancelled their upcoming screening, and Timberscombe have cancelled their quiz night. I need to know if we should go ahead with the Monday night film (Downton) so I can cancel if necessary and avoid charges. Please reply to this email ASAP so … Continue reading Film Club: Will You Be Coming? Feedback Needed ASAP

Village Shop’s 5* Food Hygiene Rating

Following an unannounced visit by an inspector from Somerset West and Taunton Council Environmental Health Department on Friday, our shop has received the highest rating possible for its food hygiene.  Essentially this inspection looks at food storage, refrigeration temperatures and the environment in general.  Always nice to have confirmation of good practice. Please note the … Continue reading Village Shop’s 5* Food Hygiene Rating

Stargazing Supper Reminder

Tuesday 17th March at 7pm £21.50  Tickets are still available for our Stargazing Supper with astronomer Seb Jay, who will be discussing red dwarfs, supernovae and black holes, and in particular Betelgeuse, which is one of the biggest and brightest stars in the constellation of Orion and could go supernova in the near future. Tables are … Continue reading Stargazing Supper Reminder