Monday Night is Film Night

Hello all, Monday 4th of October is the start of a new season of films at the village hall. For our first performance we're screening something warming and funny, "Finding Your Feet" with Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie and Timothy Spall. On the eve of retirement a middle class, judgmental snob discovers her husband has been … Continue reading Monday Night is Film Night

Resumption of Film and Theatre – Feedback Requested

Hello, From May 17th the Village Hall will re-open, still with restrictions on audience and social distancing. Unlike last year many of us in the village now benefit from vaccinations reducing the risk of infection or illness. Those of us who organise the film and theatre based shows would like to know if villagers would … Continue reading Resumption of Film and Theatre – Feedback Requested

Film & Theatre Club Support?

Hello, I've noticed that the Regal in Minehead and the  Dunster & Stogumber Film Clubs have resumed screenings.  In theory we could also resume films and theatre at the hall - provided we position the seats 2m apart and wear masks and follow the guidelines for hiring the hall. We would need a plan to … Continue reading Film & Theatre Club Support?

Film & Theatre Club Update

Hello all, We had a good time last night viewing Downton, which was probably the last film screening for a while. The Downton disc along with many others are in the book shelves in the shop for you to enjoy. These are all Blu-ray discs and if you don't have a Blu-ray player I can … Continue reading Film & Theatre Club Update

The Monday Night Film is ON!

Hello all, Thank you to all who replied, the votes from the West Somerset jury are as follows: Have no interest in Downton Abbey: 2 votes - which is heresy of course Can't go that night: 2 votes Already seen it: 3 votes Not feeling well (but not a virus carrier): 3 votes The film … Continue reading The Monday Night Film is ON!

Film Club: Will You Be Coming? Feedback Needed ASAP

Hello all, Given the move towards not holding public events, Allerford Cinema have cancelled their upcoming screening, and Timberscombe have cancelled their quiz night. I need to know if we should go ahead with the Monday night film (Downton) so I can cancel if necessary and avoid charges. Please reply to this email ASAP so … Continue reading Film Club: Will You Be Coming? Feedback Needed ASAP

Monday 16th – Downton Abbey at the Village Hall

For Downton fans Monday night will be the pinnacle of your year. The new film features: Royals Servants Romance Plots against Royals An inheritance battle Royal servants Dastardly tricks Marching bands Pithy quips from from Lady Crawley and all your favourite characters The film starts at 7:30 with a trailer for the next film Judy … Continue reading Monday 16th – Downton Abbey at the Village Hall

Film Night: A Good Liar, Monday 17th at 7 for 7:30

Our next feature film is The Good Liar, starring Ian McKellan and Helen Mirren in a game of cat and mouse (not literally). Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian Mirren plays a retired, well-off widow called Betty McLeish looking for decorous romantic companionship from a silver-years dating website. She finds herself set up for lunch with … Continue reading Film Night: A Good Liar, Monday 17th at 7 for 7:30

4 Days Until Yesterday : 2020 Film Club Season

2020 brings the start of the new Film Club season. We kick off with a Danny Boyle / Richard Curtis comedy. This light hearted romcom will help brighten the gloom of January. A struggling musician is hit by a bus at the same time as a freak cosmic glitch plunges the world into darkness. He … Continue reading 4 Days Until Yesterday : 2020 Film Club Season

Film Programme for 2020

Thank you to those who voted, the schedule for the first half of 2020 looks like this: Monday 6th January: Yesterday - Trailer - Reviews (Only one man remembers the Beatles) Monday 17th February: The Good Liar  - Trailer - Reviews (Mirren and McKellen play cat and mouse. Not literally) Monday 16th March: Downton - Trailer - Reviews (Period drama, … Continue reading Film Programme for 2020