Wootton Courtenay Good Neighbours Plan

Help During The Coronavirus Outbreak

This afternoon a group of villagers met to consider how to provide care and support within the village for people who are self-isolating or ill.  A framework for organising volunteers around the village has been drawn up, to help those in need.  A map of the village will be divided into zones. Each zone will have two coordinators, and the whole village will have access to a list of volunteers.

During the next few days we will be:

  1. Assembling a list of coordinators around the village
  2. Providing guidance on the help we can provide within the village
  3. Calling for people who can volunteer their help
  4. Sending around a full briefing on this approach, with contact details and explanations

During this time we believe people’s needs may include:

  • Having shopping or ready-made food delivered
  • Fetching prescriptions
  • General errands
  • Walking dogs (maybe)
  • Phone calls for company and contact
  • Technical support for on-line shopping, video calls and staying in touch

If you think you can take on some or all of these tasks and would be willing to have your name on a list of volunteers, please reply to this email and provide:

  • Which jobs you could volunteer for
  • Your email and phone number
  • Where you are in the village

The contact details of volunteers will be circulated privately (not on the website), and a new page will be created on the website for general information on how to get help.

Other points to note which we will explain fully later:

  • Claire will continue to provide food from her trailer on Thursday evenings and Sunday lunch times.  Claire will be offering frozen meals and can deliver.  She may also offer a vegetable pack for soup-making (details to be decided).
  • Andy, who buys from Booker’s wholesaler in Taunton, may be able to assemble an order book for the village (to be discussed).
  • The Bradleys at Dunkery Beacon Country House are considering a takeaway or collection-to-go option too.
  • Stuart Lowen, who runs the farm shop in Minehead, lives in our village and may be able to deliver orders locally.

This email is to let everyone know there will be help available and a plan is in progress.  We hope to circulate a more detailed and  comprehensive plan in the next few days.  If you have questions or suggestions, please reply to this email (click ‘reply’).

The meeting today included myself, Marion Jay, Hilary Smith, Amanda Elliot, Roger and Hilary Carrick, Ros Griffin, Claire Lynch, Brian and Trish Matthews, Peter and Valerie Clapham, James Wilmoth and Jane Barbieri.

Best wishes,

Bill Hodgson