Sustainable Wootton Courtenay

Suggestions for the Playing Field, Subject to the Village’s Approval

The village is asked to approve suggested applications by the Playing Field Committee for grants for trees, an orchard and pond, to be situated at the rough end of the playing field.

It would be helpful if any objections could be emailed by 29th March, as applications need to be in as soon as possible.

Native trees for wildlife
First, it is proposed that we apply to the Woodland Trust for a free pack of 420 trees for wildlife (hawthorn, rowan, blackthorn, silver birch, hazel, oak), to be delivered in November 2020.  This would be for trees in the rough ground, plus trees to widen the hedge round the edge of the site.  We will need a team with an experienced leader to plant the trees in November and water them in summer 2021 if the trees get dry.

Second, it is suggested that we plant a small orchard – 3 apple trees and 2 plum trees – at the rough end furthest from the gate into Lizzie and Eddie’s field.  It is in the overshoot area of archery, but the archers are happy with the proposal provided there is room to mow round the trees.

Third, there is a proposal for a medium sized pond by the little gate into Lizzie and Eddie’s field, where there is a stream that runs along the hedge.  The former pond site is near the croquet pitch, but access and trees make this difficult to work in and it is already attractive as it is.  We would need to confirm that Zurich would extend insurance cover for the pond.

Any queries should be addressed to:
Kate McKenzie841508 or
Lucy McQuillan07887 642887