Claire’s Frozen Ready Meals

Frozen Ready Meal Menu

All home-reared or local.  Single servings.

8-hour slow-cooked pork belly with onion gravy, mash and carrots (GF)   £5.00

Cottage pie with carrots and peas (GF)   £5.00

Shepherds pie with carrots and peas   £5.50

Chicken and leek pie with mash, carrots/peas and extra gravy   £5.50

Shin of beef pie with mash, carrots and peas and extra gravy   £5.95

Sausage, mash, carrots and peas with onion gravy   £4.50

Vegetable moussaka   £5.00

Butter bean and apricot tagine with pilau rice (GF) (Ve)   £4.75

Fish pie (with haddock, cod and salmon, boiled egg, leek bechamel) topped with a creamy mash   £6.00

Sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce   £2.50

This is a small menu to start with, as we need to keep up with demand.  Please advise on any dietary requirements when ordering.

To preorder, call 07799 066638 or email

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