Village Quiz – Pilot Test

Behind the scenes there has been some work done to develop a quiz for the village. At the moment this is a simple on-line quiz which you can answer in your own time.

We’d be interested for you to try this short pilot quiz by clicking here, you’ll need to leave your email address to register your score. Most of the questions are multiple choice and some ask you to type your answer. When you submit your choices you will see your score, and an explanation of the answers.

If you enjoy this idea we can start producing a regular quiz and see how competitive you all are. This isn’t against the clock, so you’ll have to have some self-control not to look up all the answers.

Have a go and then let us know if the format works for you, and if you’d like to see more.

Best wishes, the Quiz Committee. (Bill, Abi, Cerys)

Photo by Rachel on Unsplash