Wootton Courtenay in Lockdown

We’re venturing into Hippyland
With long grey flowing locks.
We walk each day with Jesse
In boots and stripy socks.

Back home again
That’s where we’ll stay
The jobs are getting done.
The gutters clean, the garden neat
“It’s time for tea and a bun”.

Friday is family ‘Zoom’ night,
Pub quizzes all the rage.
It’s always good to see them,
Their fitness we can gauge.

We miss you all
Sky’s bar, our films,
Dissuasion groups were fun!
All will be restored one day,
Till then, enjoy the sun.

Today, a first, we trimmed the dog,
He wasn’t over-pleased.
We’ll hide the mirrors from his sight
In case he sees and takes a fright.

So thank you Andy and helpers too
You’ve kept us well supplied.
Our website keeps us well informed.
Our community’s the best
So thank you all for we feel blessed.

Margaret O’Hara

(PS – It’s Margaret that wears the socks, not Jesse!  Brian.)