News from the City Centre Shopping Precinct

I wanted to say a quick, but huge thank you to ALL the volunteers who have been so brilliant in helping to keep the shop well-stocked and prompt in its deliveries to the village!  The new method of shopkeeping in Wootton Courtenay has been highly successful thanks to all involved; those shopping for stock, the crate-packers, the deliverers, the paper boys & girls and the window dressers.  Many sincere thanks to you all.  There is no better sight than a team of wheelbarrows roaming the streets looking for houses they never knew existed, and piles of milk crates abandoned at doorways! Thanks to all for supporting what we are doing.

Please note: the shop will be Closed on Friday in order to mark the change in Bank Holiday commemorating VE Day.

IMG_7224 (1)
From teenage paperboy to more mature paperboy – life can be cyclical!

IMG_6013 (1)
I’m sure there’s a caption competition lurking here somewhere!

IMG_5431 (1)
An aborted foray to Booker’s Cash & Carry.  Quick – run and don’t tell them your name, Mike!

Stay safe,